Tranzgression is verified on Spotify

We recently took steps to get verified on Spotify. If you haven't already checked us out there, please do and follow our profile there. We make playlists of our favorite music and share them.

Rock on.




What are we working on?

We had an absolutely fantastic year in 2012. The band hit some milestones and we got some new music out there, but there is much more to do. One of things we are most excited about is opening for a national act (yet to be named) at Toad's Place some time in the near future. We won this opportunity when we won the Summer Slamfest last year. As such, week in and week out, we are making sure our live show is as good as ever.

Also, there are so many songs on our giant list of things we want to record that we decided to start working on bringing some of those songs to you.

Our song, "So Good" is up first. Recording and production for that song is underway and the goal is to get it out within the next month or two.

Until then, here is a video of us playing "So Good" live last Summer. Rock on!



A new year. A new acoustic demo. "A Burn Internal"

This new demo was recorded yesterday in our rehearsal space and it seemed appropriate to post it on New Year's Eve. It is a perfect day to end 2012 and begin 2013 with something new!


Tranzgression - "Misery" to be featured on Radio 104.1 WMRQ tonight

This Summer, we were featured twice on Radio 104 with tracks from our initial EP Above the Hollow,

We are beyond pleased that our latest single, "Misery" will be featured on tonight's broadcast of their Homebrew show between 10PM and 11PM EST.

Tune in and hear some of the best local music that Connecticut has to offer.

Radio 104.1 is available via traditional radio or their 24/7 livestream which can be found here: 

We thank them for supporting so many musicians in our fine state.

"Misery" was recorded alongside "Treasure the Fall" and both are available for free or pay what you want at Bandcamp in addition to all other major music outlets.


"The Forever Veil" (Demo)

We are ending the year with some new material. Lyrics can be found here.