There is still so much music left in me. The hustle and bustle of real life oftentimes prevents me from recording material in a way that is at least coherent. I don't have as much time as I would like to flesh out ideas like "The Machine", but it is important enough to me to keep doing it.

On Saturday, I picked up my electric guitar and started riffing out as I do and throwing around vocal melodies. The main verse and its rhythm came out and I moved it to the acoustic. I recorded this quick live iPhone demo thinking I would probably just leave it at that for now. However, I really started to like the intro and outro so I decided to setup two mics and record a couple takes into Audacity.

Once I start experimenting with multiple tracks, I begin adding a little reverb here and there and try to add contrasting backing vocals. 

This is the product of that. This is a demo. It is flawed, but it is enough for me to enjoy the idea for myself and I left the piece in such a way that I can easily go back and add to it. I think it is interesting enough to document this process which took somewhere between 2 and 4 hours.